I Love the Imperfect ME!


Hi guys! Suddenly I’ve the mood to write about my life or nicely put the emo side of me. Well, it’s been almost a year since I shared an open letter in my main blog – A Letter to My 16 Years Old Self. But today, I’m doing something different. It’ about my life and how I see it from my own prospective. 

As I gazed out the horizon
I caught my own reflection 
The imperfect me standing right beside me
My mind and body aren’t perfect so that’s what I tell me

I don’t walk with confident
I tried so hard to overcome my fear
But the truth is I always know how I feel
There are days I just lie in bed not knowing what to do
Feeling trap within myself is the least I want to do

Mood swings, medications and depression
what else is new 
Thank you for being brave this past years
As you embrace it and let it become part of you

I love you because you try
To live the life that we have
I love you for what we’ve been through
Because the road has been bumpy and you stick around like glue

It takes an hour or so for my sick body to reset 
Before I can be normal and go on with my life 
I was so afraid to accept the imperfect me 
But I learned to love myself and not be my own enemy 

I don’t compare us to others anymore
Because we’re all born different to this world
Everyone has their own stories to tell 
This happens to be about me

Girl, you only have one life so make the best of it. But for now, I want to embrace this – I love the imperfect me, I’m perfectly me!

Thank you all for taking the time to read my ramblings. Don’t forget to check on my main blog at Hey Sharonoox where I post twice a week. Until next time, have a great day. Bye!

Sharon xoxo





5 thoughts on “I Love the Imperfect ME!

  1. A Beautiful story of yours, it is nice to love yourself whoever and whatever you have. We all just need to be contented and happy!


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