3 Most Searched Makeup Questions – Answered


Imagine going a day without Google and YouTube. LOL, right?

I bet chances are that at least a handful of the makeup tricks in your arsenal started with a YouTube tutorial or maybe from beauty blogs. Then you’re not alone. I feel the need to answer some of the most searched makeup questions on google. Happy reading!

Q. 1 How to contour? No surprise here. I did that myself when I was a novice beauty enthusiast. But if you want to finally master contouring once and for all, continue reading…

a) Choosing the right shade of foundation is key

b) Remember to blend the concealer with a sponge to avoid any unnecessary lines while blending

c) Areas to apply the darker foundation/bronzer is on both sides of your nose, the temples of your head and tip of your nose. Use a soft small brush

d) Sweep the product below your cheekbones in a downwards motion

e) Then grab your highlighter and apply it on the much-needed glow and shimmer of the face

f) Apply blush to the apple of your cheeks to add warmth to your look

Q.2 Why do you wear makeup primers?

a) It’s great to fill in your pores, fie lines and small scars

b) Primer helps your foundation lasts longer

c) Use foundation to prevent cakey makeup

d) Use less foundation since the primer to fill it in for you

Q. 3 How to choose the right shade foundation?


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Sharon C [signing off]



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