Sugar Box Eyeshadow Palette (Pic Heavy)



Hey everyone! I don’t know about where you live but the weather is going up and down like the roller coaster. It’s ‘Spring’ here but we’re still getting snow! What about you?

Today, I love to talk about these two eyeshadow palettes by Sugar Box that I reached for time and again. It’s a brand which I feel under-rated or undiscovered for many.

Let’s begin with our discovery girls…


As you all know,  I cover from higher end, mid end to drugstore brands here on Express Beauty Blog (simplified review) and at Sharon Beauty Prime (main blog).  

These Ten Color Eyeshadow Palette is available at Amazon , ebay online for $7.99 and/or at HomeShop for $5.00 a palette, the last time I checked.


If you’ve been following my blog post, you may know by now that I love all kinds of makeup, and I do not discriminate between high end and drugstore. I got to admit that sometimes I have trouble splurging on big things and I will wait until I find ways to justify my purchase… sometimes I don’t! I have a lot of makeup and it’s hard to justify a purchase if I have five other products like it. But let’s face it – I’m a product or aka eyeshadow palette junkie.

Since I really like the first eyeshadow palette, I ordered another palette in #1 to accompany my #3 palette. They look good together.


The eyeshadow palette in Color #1 has a few cooler undertones compared to the #3 palette.


Eyeshadow Palette in Color #3 – you can click here for full review which I did a few months ago. Yes, it took me like forever to publish this post but like the saying goes “Better late than never”!


Here are a closer look at the two palettes side by side.

These eyeshadows are cute with the packaging slim looking and there is a generous amount of products in them.


Besides the great palette, I love the texture and appearance of the eyeshadow – matte and shimmer but at the same time nicely pigmented. I love it!


Very easy to apply and feels so light, almost silky. Lasted a good while without fading and even better result with eye primer. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Look how pretty the colors are. A good color selections for day to smokey evening wear. The textures are smooth and soft that makes blending a breeze.


This palette has a few brown, gold and copper shades which I really like. They’re mostly shimmery finish and long wearing. A little goes a long wear. Beautiful color payoff and I would recommend it.

So, these palettes are a very nice value considering that the quality is quite impressive. I would recommend to makeup enthusiasts or makeup beginners to grab this palette and play with different shades and look.

That’s it for today. Thanks for reading! Hope to you see you again on the next one. Bye!

Sharon C signing off [muah]



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